About us

Jets is a family run business based in Bangor, Co Down, established in 2021.  Our little business is called after our beautiful black cat Jet.  We love spooky gothic melts but can make melts to make everyone happy.  We happily take on custom work like hen party or wedding favours.

Jets melts are fully CLP  compliant, meaning you can see what is in them.  As with any scented product we always say keep away from children and pets.  Please never leave your burner unattended and only use 2 hour tea lights !

We use Rapeseed & Coconut wax as we feel this is the best option for the environment.  With Soy wax There is a strong link between the increase in soy production and deforestation in South America.  Also when considering greenhouse gas emissions relating specifically to deforestation, 29% of Brazil's emissions are because of  soy production, while the other 71% is down to the meat industry. 

We don’t use paraffin as it is a by-product of the oil industry, .

Rapeseed and coconut wax is

100% vegan, bio-degradable and more sustainable than Soy or Paraffin wax

  • Better hot and cold throw (Stronger smelling melts)
  • It is water-soluble, so can be washed with soapy, warm water, the wax will dissolve allowing us to re use our mixing vessels